Chris Meissen
UC Berkeley Engineering
UC Berkeley

Graduate Student Instructor

  • E7: Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers
    • Awarded Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award
    • Developed an autograder and assignments for online course offering
  • ME 231B: Experiental Advanced Control Design II
    • Taught advanced control, estinmation, and navigation techniques
    • Developed labs for students to implement techniques on quadrotor UAVs


R&D Engineer

  • Developed and taught a 2 week course on vehicle dynamic simulation, MATLAB programming, and applied mathematics to graduate students at Institut Supérieur des Matériaux et Mécanique Avancés (ISMANS)
  • Created and presented seminars on vehicle dynamics, simulation, dampers, and data acquisition

Colorado State

Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • ME 417: Control Systems
  • ME 202: Engineering Design II