Chris Meissen
UC Berkeley Engineering
Ph.D. Research

Compositional Stability, Performance, and Safety Certification of Interconnected Systems

Advised by Dr. Andrew Packard and Dr. Murat Arcak

  • Development of a distributed performance certification framework for dissipative dynamical systems
  • Implemententation of efficient computational tools based on distributed optimization algorithms (i.e. dual decomposition and ADMM)
  • Successfully applied to large scale nonlinear systems using sum-of-squares (SOS) programming to certify stability or dissipativity

Optimization Algorithm Analysis via Integral Quadratic Constraints

  • Quantify convergence rate and robustness of popular optimization algorithms
  • Robustness analysis of model predictive control under disturbances and model uncertainty

Analyzing Uncertainty in Complex Dynamic Systems

  • Incorporating data and models from multiple different experiments
  • Development of software to fit surrogate models of complex systems

M.S. Research

Development and Validation of a Physical Model of a Modern Twin Tube Damper

Advised by Dr. Patrick Fitzhorn

  • Developed a coupled fluid-mechanical model to simulate damper performance
  • Experimentally tested dampers to correlate and validate model